Prof. Dr. Hedwig Wagner

+49 461 805 2623
Gebäude Riga 4 - RIG 407


09/01/2017 - 09/01/2021

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Financed by: ERASMUS + Strategic Partnership

Codes: AGREEMENT NUMBER – 2017-1-FR01-KA203-037384

CODES: Communication, cultural diversity and solidarity

Evidence & Communication


CODES, Communication, cultural diversity, solidarity


In the project CODES, theories about diversity and multiculturalism are perceived in the perspective of their applications in the discourses and in professional practices of institutions and organizations which develop citizenship and solidarity.

In an interdisciplinary and comparative approach the notion of "cultural diversity" will be analysed in regard to a crucial question: How to better instruct our students in cultural diversity in harmony with the discourses and actual practices in the field in order to enable a better comprehension of the different cultures of the European Union? And how could a better integration of that diversity in the professional context be realized?