ICES Research School

The Interdisciplinary Centre for European Studies (ICES) at the Europa-Universität Flensburg has set itself the goal of promoting early-stage researchers in the field of European Studies at the EUF. The ICES Research School will contribute to this goal! 

The ICES Research School offers early stage researchers at EUF various opportunities to network beyond disciplinary boundaries and to sharpen their qualification profile in order to pave the way for a career in science. Membership of the ICES Research School means being part of an international and interdisciplinary research team in order to promote continuous exchange and enable joint research on interdisciplinary topics in the field of European Studies.

ICES offers the members of the ICES Research School opportunities for comprehensive key qualifications in the areas of methodology, self-organisation and self-reflection within the framework of the "Qualification Program for early stage researchers (QP)". The QP is part of the module 'Qualification' in the program for the promotion and qualification of early stage researchers (FQ-WiN) at the EUF and is offered by ICES in cooperation with the ZWW, the research department and ZeBUSS. Further information about this program and current trainings can be found here.

Doctoral and postdoctoral students from all disciplines/institutes interested in European Studies are cordially invited to join the ICES Research School.

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