ICES/Wasatia Lectures

The European Wasatia Graduate School for Peace and Conflict Resolution aims to initiate a process of reconciliation across borders and is carried by the idea of intercultural and interreligious exchange. Its aim is to train competent multipliers from Israel, Palestine and other countries of the world. The Graduate School is networked with various institutions: To the Wasatia Education School in Jerusalem, to interreligious dialogue programmes at the University of Cambridge, to Israeli, Palestinian and European conflict research centres, as well as to the civil society-oriented Maecenata Foundation. The doctoral programme cooperates with ICES.

The following ICES/Wasatia Lecture will take place as part of the Graduate School:

Wednesdays, 17.15 – 18.45 h

Date Presenter Title    
08.06.2022; in RIG 310 und online Joram Tarusarira Justice + Reconciliation - The Anatomy of Apology and Forgiveness   zum Termin
zum Webex-link
15.06.2022; online Professor Mohammed Dajani "Reconciliation without justice; Justice without Reconciliation."   zum Termin
zum Webex-Link
22.06.2022; online Reina Zenelaj (Shehi), Epoka University The Elusive Relationship of Transitional Justice and Reconciliation in Post-Communist Albania   zum Termin (mit webex-link)
29.06.2022; in RIG 310 and online Robert Vosloo Justice + Reconciliation – Challenges in Post-Apartheid South Africa zum Termin
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