ICES Reading Group HeSe 20/21

This fall semester, for the first time, an ICES Reading Group will start! The idea of a Reading Group was born from the Webex Corona Chat, which formed instead of the Research Colloquium. On the basis of a first book voting we have decided to start with the book:

"Kritik der schwarzen Vernunft/Critique of Black Reason" by Achille Mbembe

The first two Webex meetings will take place on:

15.10.20 and 29.10.20, each from 17.15 - 18.45.

We will send an Webex invitation shortly before. If you are interested in being added to the mailing list, please contact Maria Schwab (, -2499)

On 10/15/20 the introduction and the first chapter will be discussed first.

This is what "Critique of Black Reason" is about

Since its inception, global capitalism has always produced not only goods but also "races" and "species". It is based on racist thinking, a "black reason", as the great African philosopher and pioneer of post-colonialism Achille Mbembe shows in his brilliant and stirring book. The relentlessly spreading capitalism of neo-liberal variety now transfers the figure of the "Negro" to the entire "subaltern humanity". In this process of "blackening the world", according to Mbembe's radical criticism, Europe and its citizens now form only one more province in the global empire of this capitalism

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Further literature suggestions for future reading group sessions

On the basis of an initial book vote, the following additional books are proposed:

  • Lutz Raphael, "Jenseits von Kohle und Stahl",
  • Andreas Reckwitz, "Das Ende der Illusionen"
  • Dimitry Kochenov, "Citizenship"