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Research School Presentation: Dr. Christine Barwick-Gross (ICES)

RIG 601 & online

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Dr Christine Barwick-Gross (ICES / ACCESS Plus Project) will give her presentation at the ICES Research School.

Discrimination through discourse: political debates on the (limitations to) freedom of movement of Romanian nationals and Romani Europeans in Germany 

In my presentation, I introduce the results of my study on the political discourse about freedom of movement (FOM) of Romanian nationals and Romani Europeans in Germany. Given the increased politicization of FOM in Germany and the migratization and racialization of Eastern Europeans, I analyze in detail how politicians in the German Parliament talk about FOM of Eastern Europeans, how they categorize them, and how certain nationalities and racialized groups are used to legitimize the introduction of policies that restrict FOM. The analysis reveals, first, that the racializing and criminalizing discourse is very effective, even though it is mainly pushed by only one party and has a strong opposing discourse in parliament. Second, the debate focuses very much on welfare fraud, despite the lack of data to support this claim. Third, the political debate reveals an economic utility argument, which contributes to the stratification of FOM, which is increasingly only available to those who have a job and the economic means to support themselves. Through discourse, the political elite contributes to indirect discrimination of Romanian nationals and Romani Europeans, limiting their access to the labor market and to social protection. 

Event location is RIG 601 and hybrid: Cisco Webex Meetings - Meeting-Details


RIG 601 & online