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Research School Presentation: Anna Ragotzky (Sociology)

RIG 601 & online

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As part of the ICES Research School,  Anna Ragotzky (Soziologie) will hold a presentation.

"The transnational experience and transnational habitus: Habitual consequences of teacher students’ virtual, hybrid, or physical Erasmus+ mobility.

With this project, I plan to explore the experiences that teacher students make during their Erasmus+ mobility, asking what happens during lived intercultural experience and what happens to and within people. My aim is to observe habitual consequences of those transnational experiences. In order to capture patterns of potentially evolving dispositions, I will conduct qualitative interviews, additionally employing vignettes to interview research participants.

In this research kolloquium presentation, I would first and foremost like to discuss the drafts of my vignettes with my fellow researchers.

In RIGA 601 and via Webex.


RIG 601 & online