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Research Colloquium - Prof. Dr. Uwe Pütter (Empirische Europaforschung)

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Can the European Union master major cross-sectoral policy challenges? Coordinating climate change, Covid-19, digitalization and migration policies within the EU executive (co-authored with Chiara Terranova and Widya Puspitasari)

Its own member state governments as well as international actors signal strong demand for a central role of the European Union (EU) in addressing major contemporary policy challenges, which all require substantial cross-sectoral policy coordination. While scholarly research on EU integration traditionally has focused on the integration of diverging interests between member state governments, it has neglected another key obstacle to policy formation in response to challenges such as climate change, Covid-19, or digitalization: the coordination of policies across sectors. Whereas cabinet governance and chief executive leadership are common institutional devices, which are deployed to master cross sectoral policy challenges in many political systems, the EU's dual governance structure, combining intergovernmental and supranational elements, poses particular obstacles. The presentation maps out a research strategy for studying the EU's ability to master major cross-sectoral policy challenges.