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Research Colloquium - Anna Ragotzky

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Title: "The transnational experience and transnational habitus: Habitual consequences of teacher students’ virtual, hybrid, or physical Erasmus+ mobility."

The purpose of this project is to explore the experiences made by teacher students during their participation in an ERASMUS+ mobility programme. The European Union views international mobility and intercultural interaction as vital measures in their endeavour to promote the internationalisation and Europeanisation of teacher education – an endeavour arising from the need to equip European teachers with global competencies and intercultural sensitivity as they are confronted with new challenges working in increasingly linguistically, culturally, and ethnically diverse classrooms. In line with many scholars worldwide, I will focus on the impact of transnational experience on teacher students and its potential role in the internationalisation and Europeanisation of teacher education.

Against the background of the COVID-19 pandemic, which disrupted higher education all across Europe, presenting new challenges and changes to administrators, teachers, and students alike, I will especially focus on exploring the transnational experiences of teacher students who participated (or are participating) in an Erasmus+ Mobility under emergency restrictions such as online or hybrid teaching mode – which can be assumed to be vastly different from physical international mobility experience.

By conducting narrative interviews and analysing participants´ accounts through the lens of Pierre Bourdieu´s theoretical framework of social fields and habitus theory, I aim to gain insight on the acquisition and evolution of teacher students’ dispositions, values, beliefs, and attitudes during physical, virtual or hybrid transnational experience and thus explore possible consequences for their habitus.