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Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaftliches Kolloquium : Prof. Dr. Jürgen Wertheimer; Germanistik (Universität Tübingen)

OSL 238 & online

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8th Dec 2022, 16:00 Uhr; DUB 008

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Wertheimer, Universität Tübingen

Aus der Traum? Konturen eines Europas der Zukunft

Not only the bitter experience of the Ukraine war, but also the dominance of other large countries or countries that feel big have increasingly put Europe on the defensive. The former coloniser of the world has become an unstable product of disintegration. What can we do to stop or perhaps even reverse this fatal process?

Present event (OSL238) with online transmission:

Presented in cooperation with the Romanischen Seminar.


OSL 238 & online