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Workshop on Database usage for text analysis (Heurist)

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The question of historical truth and its media representation is a crucial topic in our world today. The transnational project DIREPA DICOME is dedicated to record and outline representations of Europe’s past in online media and between different European countries and their discourse on memory and the past. Everyone interested, especially media students, are cordially invited to participate in the following events: 

First workshop: Overview and introduction
Monday, December 7, 12:00 pm


Passwort: aePPN9B5AU5

Second workshop: Exercises and in-depth knowledge
Thur, Dec 10, 8:15 am – and Thursday, Dec 17, 8:15 am (same as Dec. 10)

Meeting-Link:  Password: Message

Both workshops will provide skills to conquer the vast media landscape and open up new perspectives and critical discussions. As the project is based on cooperation, we are happy about anybody who wants to join!

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