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Summer School Islam and democracy

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The topic we will address is timely due to the ongoing global events. Islam has much in common with Western democratic ideals while offering its peculiar pluralistic moderate tradition. However, the fundamental flaw in the approach to understanding Islamic way of democracy is linked to the pervasive ignorance of the religious doctrine.
The workshop addresses the subtle bondage between Islam and democracy. This is a loaded controversial issue because there are as many arguments about the democratic nature of Islam as there are about the seemingly authoritarian nature of religion in general. It aims to educate its participants on how to understand this topic and ways to deal with the implications of the impact of Islam on Western democracy and of Western democracy on Islam. A global religious resurgence and calls for greater political participation have been major forces in recent years. Across the Muslim world, governments and Islamic movements grapple with issues of the need for democratization and empowering civil society.
The Summer School will explore the Islamic sources (beliefs and institutions) relevant to the current debate over greater political participation and democratization. The working languages of the Summer school will be English.

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