Calendar of ICES

Events between 06/14/2021 and 07/13/2021.

Colloquium "Public Law & Public Opinion" with Katharina Pistor

The legal Code of Capital - What to do? Counter-rights, abrogation rights or counter-incrementalism? Kooperationsveranstaltung vom ICES Lesekreis & Interdisziplinären Kolloquium

Ekaterina Aleshina (Penza State University, Russia):Public political rhetoric of conflict: the problem of effectiveness

Presentation at the ICES Research Colloquium

Summer School "Grenzforschung am Schnittpunkt von Fächergrenzen"


The conference is organised by Epoka University in Albania/Tirana, hosted by the European Studies Center (ISES) in cooperation with Europa-Universität Flensburg (Prof. Dr. Ralf Wüstenberg and Dr. Zeina Barakat)