The Project

Akronym: BildungundFlucht

Access to education and participation opportunities for young refugees in spaces and periods of waiting in rural border regions in Germany and Denmark

The aim of the planned project is to formulate possible options for action and create spaces for the improvement of educational access and the participation possibilities of young refugees in spaces and periods of waiting. The study will be carried out in specific rural settings in the German-Danish border region. The overarching research interest focusses on strengthening social cohesion at the local level in the face of current developments described as "crises". As case studies, two national contexts are compared in the German-Danish border area.

Work plan

In the research project, two local settings of access to education and participation are analyzed and compared form multiple perspectives in order to document the similarities and differences of the respective Danish and German context. Various research approaches are selected for this purpose:

Firstly, the institutional structures of education and integration in Germany and Denmark are analyzed based on scientific literature, legal and policy documents. Afterwards a qualitative survey of the perspectives of local institutional actors as well as the affected young refugees on the ground is carried out. The survey is supplemented by a two-stage action research based on theater workshops and video productions with the aim of empowerment. In the last stage, a cross-border networking event with the aim of a cross-country exchange of practices and experiences will be organized and documented.

Exploitation of results

The project will be discussed in various academic research areas of interdisciplinary research on refugees, interdisciplinary research on education and research in the field of social geography, in particular on the subject of geography of education and learning. The results will be published in the respective relevant scientific journals (in German, English and Danish).

Regular exchanges with similar Danish research projects as well as German-speaking (Network Refugee Research) and European research networks (IMISCOE-Initiative RELOCAL) will be undertaken throughout the project.

In addition, the research results, the impulses from the workshops, the resulting video and the experiences gained will be made available in a summarizing brochure for practitioners and decision-makers. In particular, public sector stakeholders will be able to use the results to improve the integration of young refugees and their access to the respective education system in both countries.

Project Management

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Projekt Executing Organisation und Cooperation Partner

Project executing organisation

BMBF Programm "Geistes-, Kultur- und Sozialwissenschaften"  Maßnahme: "Zusammenhalt stärken in Zeiten von Krisen und Umbrüchen"  Fördernummer: 01UG1741X

Academic partner

University of Aalborg (AAU), Department of Sociology and Social work, Projekt "Junctures of change in the Integration of young refugees

Implementation partner

Tønder Kommune, Abteilung: Social, Arbejdsmarked og Sundhed, Verantwortlich für die Integration von Geflüchteten im Bereich der Kommune Tønder

AWO Interkulturell, Integrationcenter Nordfriesland, Regionalkoordination