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Exhibition “Comradeship – Drifting on those lost at sea” now open!

Exhibition "Comradeship – Drifting on those lost at sea" now open!

Students of the "European University Flensburg", who are currently studying "European Cultures and Society", invite you to be part of a story about solidarity and comradeship. The opening ceremony of the exhibition took place last Sunday, 8th April, 2018 and can be visited until Saturday, 14th April. The simple tomb of a sailor served as inspiration for the exhibition, which revolves around the cholera infected sailor of the West-Indies, "Peter Thomson", and his fellow crew members on the ship. Thomson died in 1850, after he had been denied entrance to the harbour of Flensburg, his hometown, due to the risk of infection. He was buried by his comrades at the Northern shore of Holnis. A collection of driftwood pieces, which symbolise Thomson and his crew, should allow the viewer of the exhibition to make personal associations and encourage their imagination.

"Comradeship – Drifting on those lost at sea" was created under the banner of an instruction-based project of the tutorial "Art and Scenography", a course of the study program "European Cultures and Society". Where? Modul 1, Rote Straße 17, 24937 Flensburg, When? 8th April – 13th April, 4-8 pm, 14th April, 12 am – 6 pm