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Rosi's final reflection as EUCS welcomes their new secretary

After 23 years here at Europa-Universität Flensburg (EUF) our secretary in the European Cultures and Society (EUCS) department Rosi Gerlich will be moving on, come the beginning of March, in order to open a new chapter in her life. Before she leaves we in the department caught up with Rosi in order to reflect on her time here at EUF. We also met up with our incoming secretary Cécile Votteler where we discuss her previous experiences and how she is looking forward to her new role here at EUF.


After 23 years here at EUF, are you looking forward to opening a new chapter in your life?

Yes I am definitely looking forward to this new chapter in my life as I now have more time to see my grandchildren and travel the world. 

During your time here at EUF, what were your most rewarding moments?

I find that when the students pass their exams or when my younger colleagues successfully complete their dissertations the most satisfying. 

What were your most challenging moments as secretary during your time here at EUF?

It was probably when the computer crashed because of power outage and this made it very difficult to do my job. 

We in the department have heard that you have been on many Erasmus experiences, could you tell us more about them? 

Yes, I have been on 3 Erasmus exchange programs to Çukurova University Adana/Turkey, Pädagogische Hochschule Vienna/Austria and Free University Bozen/South Tyrol. They were all very nice locations but my favourite destination was Adana because of the hospitality that I received.

If there were any advice you would give to our new secretary Cécile, what would it be?

My one piece of advice that I would give to Cécile is that when she is busy here, it is very important to remain calm when dealing with the students and their queries.

Is there any last message you would like to give to the EUCS students? 

Ah the students of EUCS. My final message to the students of EUCS is to please register properly for your exams, as it is very important!!


How are you finding your first few weeks here in EUF?

I’ve found my first few weeks here to be really enjoyable. There is a lot of information to take on board but all in all I have really enjoyed it.

Is this your first time working in a higher-level Education institution?

Yes, this is my first time working in a university.

As you know we have also had many international students here at EUF. I would like to ask have you also had any experience of living abroad? If so could you tell us more about your experience?

Yes, I have lived in France for several years on the Cote d’Azur. From my own experience I can say that the two countries are quite contrasting. For example the climate, the mentality and the way of life are very different. 

What type of issues will you be dealing with within EUCS?

I will be mostly providing information and advice for the students and also planning the semester and exam timetables.

What areas of the Job will you find challenging in the beginning?

All of them!

What areas of the Job will you find rewarding?

I think I will find being in contact with the students and helping to solve their queries the most fulfilling.

Would you like to leave a message for the students of EUCS?

For my final message I would basically just say everything that Rosi said in that it is very important to properly register for your exams so please do that.

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Daniel Kilbridge,

Marketing and Communications