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Eucs Student Arises In Slovenia

Louis Taubert a 6th semester student in our program had the opportunity to participate in the European Academy On Youth Work, which took place on the 21st- 24th of May in Slovenia. The European Academy on Youth Work is an organisation that was formed by the National Agencies for Erasmus+, youth field, of Austria, Belgium (FL), Finland, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Slovenia, SALTO-YOUTH Resource Centres and the Youth Partnership between the European Union and the Council of Europe. Louis and 139 participants from the Eu countries mentioned above were invited to discuss the current trends, Innovation and policy-making procedures that go on within youth work. Louis was also part of a small NGO called The Pigeon Plan, which was selected to be one of 36 contributors from a variety of countries and backgrounds. Louis’s contribution involved the opportunity to choose 6 workshops, which displayed and provided a selection of tools, methods and practices from numerous fields. 

 By gaining some expertise from these workshops, Louis and the rest of the members of the Pigeon Plan provided a seminar, which was aimed at creating cross border co-operation through the means of skateboarding. 16 Participants from all over the world attended this seminar, which began with a member of the team describing the story of the association from where it all began to now and concluded with the creation of a collective work of art that was formed using skateboards. 

Overall, the feedback given from the participants in the seminar was very positive and the experience gained from this has provided Louis and the rest of the members of the Pigeon Plan an opportunity to create links with many other projects.  They were also very excited with the opportunity to develop a network of future partners that have the concern of sharing knowledge, innovative practices and working with refugees, disadvantaged youth and young adults across Europe.