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Careers Fair in Husum

On Wednesday the 13th of February four representatives from Europa-Universität Flensburg (EUF) got off to an early start and made the journey to Husum where they attended a careers fair in the Berufliche Schule des kreises Nordfriesland. Many students attended this fair due to the presence of many higher-level institutions and businesses. The fair was mainly aimed at students in their final year of high school.

The day began with the representatives speaking to prospective students about the bachelor programs available at EUF and what options the students could pursue once they had completed these programs. Patrícia, the European Cultures and Society (EUCS) program coordinator, was talking to students about the EUCS program. While Claudia one of the EUF Guidance Councillors was talking to students about International Management and Teacher Training programs. During the day, Patrícia gave a presentation on the EUCS bachelors’ program whilst Claudia gave presentations on the B.A. International Management and on the Teacher Training programs available at EUF. Altogether the total of 80 students attended these presentations. 

One of the representatives Daniel, a student assistant from Ireland, also attended the fair. Sarina who is also a student assistant, gave individual counselling to students on the bachelor programs that the university has to offer. Over the whole day the four representatives gave individual counselling to around 50 students. In conclusion the careers fair was a very enjoyable day as the representatives got to meet some of the future prospective students of EUF.