Congratulations on getting accepted into the B.A. European Cultures and Society!

Here you can find some important information to help you get started.

Admission Letter

Now... What to do?

1) Please answer the email you received in the following way:

answer to the email: zulassung2@uni-flensburg.de

As subject please write: "Acceptance BA EUCS".

As text please write: "I hereby accept the university study place.

Surname(s), First name(s), Application number"

2) Gather all the documents necessary for the matriculation process


1. De-registration form (in case you have previously enrolled in another German university)

2. Proof of statutory health insurance - both EU and non-EU students need to attach a certificate obtained by a public German health insurance company stating that their European Health Insurance card or their insurance are valid in Germany (In case you cannot obtain this document in advance, you can bring it to the secretariat in HEL 018 at a later point in time)

3. Proof of payment of the semester fee (110 EUR)

4. Proof of payment of the enrollment fee (25 EUR)

5. Residence permit for the duration of the program (or in case you don´t have it yet, student visa)

6. Copy of your passport / Identity card

7. Copy of the first page of the acceptance letter that you received.

Afterwards, please send all these documents per post, before the date mentioned in your letter to:

Europa-Universität Flensburg
Auf dem Campus 1
24943 Flensburg

Or deliver them personally and deposit them in the Postbox n. 18 located in the Helsinki Building.


the documents must be in the postbox until the date mentioned in your letter.

* Important clarifications:

- It is important that you send the maximum number of matriculation documents possible, per post, so that they arrive at the university before the date mentioned in your letter. This will allow you to reserve the study place that you previously accepted.
Once you arrive to Flensburg, please make sure you bring the remaining documents to the secretariat as soon as possible, as your student card and bus ticket will not be issued unless all matriculation documents are handed in.

- The three suggested arrival dates for international students, in order to get better support with the arrival and matriculation are:
Monday 19th of August
Monday 26th of August
1st and 2nd of September

Please inform the Campus Angels of your arrival date via campusengel@uni-flensburg.de

Formalities upon arrival are: address registration, matriculation, bank account, resident permit, health insurance, etc.

The Immigration Office official will be joining us during our International Student Orientation in the week of 3-6 of September (a date is not set  yet). You are most welcome to join us for the "Welcome Orientation Breakfast" on Wednesday the 4th of September. To register, please contact the Campus Angels via campusengel@uni-flensburg.de

The Campus Angels will be there for you from ca. 15th of August onward.

Quarantine exemption

It is possible to be exempted from the quarantine obligation if you can prove an officially valid / recognized negative Covid-19 test.
There are 4 options for the tests:

1. test in the country of origin. A list of accepted countries / tests can be found at the RKI website. The test must be done no more than 48 hours before entry in Germany.

2. test in the newly established Corona test centre at Frankfurt Airport (2h test = 139 EUR; 6h test = 59 EUR). Test capacity 300 tests per day.
You can find more information here or here.

3. after arrival in Flensburg and entering quarantine students have to register with the public health department. The public health department will then call students back for information. In this interview students can register for a Covid-19 test. A member of the Health Department staff will then come to the student and take the test smear. The result should be available after two days. If the test is negative, the quarantine is terminated. The costs are also to be paid by the student and amount to approx. 70 EUR.

4. via the family doctor (the latter is of course only applicable to students who already have a family doctor in our area).

Before you arrive


Before arrival

If the German embassy nearest to you has many visa requests, please schedule your visa appointment as early as possible, so that you can obtain your visa in time to register at the University.

International students (from outside of the EU) wishing to enter the Federal Republic of Germany require an entry visa for educational purposes (or student entry visa), issued by a diplomatic representation of the Federal Republic of Germany (embassy or consulate) in the student’s country of origin and entered into the students passport.
Prospective students should inquire in detail at an early stage about the visa requirements and should not enter Germany with a tourist visa. A tourist visa cannot retrospectively be converted into a student entry visa or residence permit for educational purposes. Even if your country does not normally need a visa to enter Germany. For example, USA and KOREAN students must request a visa.

Documents required:

  • valid passport
  • proof of health insurance cover (stating beginning, end and the coverage of the insurance)
  • proof of sufficient funds (minimum 735 € per month)
  • notification of admission/ letter of acceptance from the German university
  • visa application documents

For more detailed information, please check this document.

* From September 1st, 2019, the amount of sufficient funds will increase to 10.236 EUR. For more information see here.

After arrival

Non-EU students must register at the Foreigners' Office (Ausländerbehörde) within 7 days of their arrival to obtain an electronic residence permit (eAT). The residence permit costs 100 € (an extension costs 80 €). The entire application process may take up to 2 months. The eAT is issued in credit-card format incorporating a number of electronic functions. It contains a contactless chip carrying personal data, biometric characteristics (photo; two fingerprints from individuals aged 6 or over) and any additional provisions pertaining to the cardholder. It also contains electronic proof of identity and offers an electronic signature function.
Non-EU students must also register their address in Flensburg in the city hall (Bürgerbüro).

EU students must only register in the city hall (Bürgerbüro).


Student Dorms

The University of Flensburg has 4 student dorms and will have a 5th dorm in September. However, given the steady growth of students in the city of Flensburg, finding accommodation has become a more complicated process. 
You can read more about the dormitories here.
And you can apply for a place here.

Other options

However, besides the student dorms, there are other offers available throughout the city.

The International Center offers a couple of alternatives.

More alternatives can be found here, here, here or here, for example.


If you need accommodation for a short period of time there are numerous hotels available around the city, for example :

Flensbed Hostel & BoardingHouse (http://www.flensbed.de/)

Bahnhofstraße 28. Next to Munketoft Campus. Free WIFI. Price: 35-45€/ night

Hostel Flensburg (http://www.hostel-flensburg.de/)

Zur Exe 23, 24937 Flensburg, near exe. Free WIFI. Price: 35-45€/night

Hotel am Rathaus *** (http://www.hotel-am-rathaus.com/)

Rote Str. 32-34. In the city center. Free WIFI. Price: 64 € / night

Hotel am Fjord*** (http://www.hotelamfjord.de/de)

Wilhelmstraße 1. In the city center. Free WIFI, breakfast. Price 65 € / night

Hotel ibis budget Flensburg City* (http://www.accorhotels.com/de/hotel-3097-ibis-budget-flensburg-city/room.shtml

Suderhofenden 14. in the city center. Free WIFI, breakfast. Price: 72€ / night

Hotel Xenia (http://www.hotelxenia.de/ )

Süderfischerstraße 2. In the city center. Free WIFI. breakfast. Price: 75 € / night

Dittmers Gasthof  (http://www.dittmersgasthof.de/)

In the center. Price: 80 € / night

If you would like to reserve a holiday apartment please visit the following link:


Help !

From mid-August until mid-November, the International Office offers a welcoming service to all incoming students. During this period, you can contact a group of motivated students who can help you find a place to stay in Flensburg. You can reach them via campusengel-PleaseRemoveIncludingDashes-@uni-flensburg.de (only during that period of time).

You can read more about the angels here (in German and in English)

Health Insurance

In Germany, all students up to the age of 30 are subject to compulsory health insurance (currently approx. 80 € monthly).
If you are from a country that has concluded a bilateral social security agreement with Germany and if you have sufficient health insurance coverage in your home country, you can be exempted from the obligation of insuring yourself with a statutory health insurance scheme for the duration of your course of study in Germany.
In order to get an exemption, you must bring and submit your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) or other proof of health insurance in your own country.

Important information: all students must either be insured from a public German health insurance company or obtain an exemption of insurance from them. Without a supporting document proving such an exemption students will not be issued their student card and their bus ticket. Beware that such a document can only be obtained up to 3 months after entering Germany. After that serious penalties follow.

Studdy Buddy

The Study Buddy Programme connects German students or other students, who are familiar with the city and the university you got accepted in and international students. You can find more information and register here.

After you arrive

First Steps

Matriculation at the University - it must be done at the Studierendensekretariat - please find more detailed information about the necessary documents and location here.

Residence permit (non-EU students):

Non-EU students must register at the Foreigners' Office (Ausländerbehörde) within 7 days of their arrival to obtain an electronic residence permit (eAT).The residence permit costs 100 € (an extension costs 80 €). The entire application process may take up to 2 months. The eAT is issued in credit-card format incorporating a number of electronic functions. It contains a contactless chip carrying personal data, biometric characteristics (photo; two fingerprints from individuals aged 6 or over) and any additional provisions pertaining to the cardholder. It also contains electronic proof of identity and offers an electronic signature function.
Non-EU students must also register their address in Flensburg in the city hall (Bürgerbüro).

EU students must only register in the city hall (Bürgerbüro).

If you would like to find more detailed information about after your arrival, please click the link here: https://www.uni-flensburg.de/en/international/moin-campus-network/phase-1-welcome-support/after-arrival/ 

Student Card and Bus Ticket

After your matriculation at the university you will receive very important information:

  • your Student Card (it proves your status as a student at Europa-Universität Flensburg and can be used to obtain student discounts in museums, theater plays, concerts, cinemas, etc.)
  • your Bus Ticket (which is valid for one semester and allows you to ride the bus for free within the city of Flensburg and up to Glücksburg)
  • Your Student Email Address (which is used to send all official university messages)
  • Your access data to WLAN on Campus
  • Your access data to Studiport (which is essential for you to register for courses and exams)

You need to re-register at the university every semester to be entitled to receive the student card and bus ticket for the upcoming semester. This information and instructions on how to do it will be provided to you after your matriculation and are also available here (under "Rückmeldung") or see information below under "Registrar's Office (Studierendensekretariat)"
The email address and access data are only provided once, so please preserve that information during your entire course of studies at this university.

Registrar's Office (Studierendensekretariat)

Responsible for:

  • Registration
  • Re-registration (for every single semester)
  • Change of address
  • Leave of absence
  • Change of study programme at Europa-Universität Flensburg
  • Withdrawal from the University

Please do not forget to re-register every semester(!) for the forthcoming one. Time period for re-registration: 

For the upcoming Fall semester: June 1st - July 15th
For the upcoming Spring semester: December 1st - January 15th

 Within the time period you need to transfer the study fees of 100 EUR to the following account: 

"Empfänger"(Recipient): "Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein"

 "Verwendungszweck" (purpose of transfer): your matriculation number.

Please leave the second row empty.

Förde-Sparkasse Kiel

Kontoinhaber: Studentenwerk S.-H.
IBAN-Nummer: DE68 2105 0170 0025 0018 50

Please consider that the money has to be on the account on that day which means that you should transfer it early enough.

Example of the payment slip

Contact the Studierendensekretariat

Please access this page to find the contact details of the Studierendensekretariat.

Foreign Language Courses

Moin Campus Network

What is Moin Campus Network ?

Moin Campus Network is a support service that is designed to provide you with the information and support you will need to make your stay and study as an International student at the Europa - Universität Flensburg as comfortable as possible. 


Campus Angels

Every year the International Office finds a group of highly motivated students, who are available to welcome students to the Europa-Universität Flensburg - they are the Campus Angels.

They sit at the Info-Desk in the Helsinki building every working day of the week from morning to afternoon and are available to answer questions and provide help.

Within their tasks are:

  • help students  find accommodation in Flensburg
  • guide the students withing the university campus to the right place
  • answer generic questions about matriculation, insurance, registration in the city hall, etc.
  • help students open a bank account or buy a sim card
  • give guidance related to where to find specific shops or products in the city of Flensburg
  • receive students at the train station when they need support
  • organize social events to make international students feel at home (most events are also opened to German students) - keep updated on the events here.
  • etc.

You can find the Campus Angels available in the period between mid-August and mid-November personally or via this email address: campusengel@uni-flensburg.de

You can find more information here (in German and in English).

Tutor Flensburg

The Studentenwerk of Schleswig-Holstein has an international tutor for the dormitories of each university in the state.

In Flensburg that person is Maksim German. He is your contact person in case you have been attributed a room in the dormitories of the university or in case you have questions about the Study Buddy Program.
In case you have been attributed a room in the dorms, please contact him in advance, so that he can prepare all the documentation that you need to sign and so that he can give you strict instructions on how to proceed once you arrive in Flensburg.

You can find his contacts here and here.

More useful information

You can find more useful information in the webpage of the International Office of the Europa-Universität Flensburg.

The webpage of the M.A. European Studies and of the Fachschaft (student representatives) of the M.A. European Studies also contains interesting information for newcomers.

Technical information

  • If you have difficulties with your email account
  • If you are not able to access the WLAN on campus
  • If you need to make some copies on campus
  • If you are not able to login to Studiport
  • if you have all sorts of technical difficulties...

Please take a look at the information provided by ZIMT (Center of Information and Media Technologies).

ASTA - Students ' Union

Main Website here.

The new Studitalk (Arriving in March).


*Updates due to Corona:

Classes for 1st semester students start on October 12th. The Fall semester 2020/21 is planned to start as an online semester and it will most likely continue online until the end. Students are however expected to join us in Flensburg in March 2021 for resuming classes at the university.

Residency permits
a. EUF will not check these in Fall Semester 2020.

Proof of health insurance
b. In Fall Semester 2020, foreign students enrolled in the EUS/EUCS programs are not required to submit proof of health insurance if they complete the online semester from their home countries. In this case, please enclose proof of your exemption from compulsory health insurance, or a self-declaration that you will not enter the Federal Republic of Germany during the entire semester.

Moin Moin!

Campus Map

For questions related to the study program, please contact the Program Coordinator.

Program Coordinator

Patrícia Barbosa
Program Coordinator

+49 461 805 2474
+49 461 805 2144
Gebäude Helsinki - HEL 136