Graduation 2019

Congratulations to all the students who are graduating in 2019. We wish you a bright future!

Alumni Network

You have now completed the B.A. European Cultures and Society - Congratualtions!!

You enjoyed your time in Flensburg and don't want to forget it - We don't want that either!

You made a lot of friends from all over the world and you don't want to lose track of them - Makes sense!

You want to stay in contact with the university - We also want to be in contact with you!

You want to belong to a network of people with the same career and professional interests as you - We have such a space!


We would like to stay in contact with you by sending you an occasional newsletter about life in the university, developments of the study program, job opportunities, invitations, etc. We promise not to bother you all the time. Maybe once or twice a year! Just to remind you that we still exist and that we are thinking about you. If this is something you agree with, please register for our newsletter using the form below.

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Linkedin EUCS network

Linkedin is a social media platform to connect you to other professionals and help develop your career. The B.A. EUCS has a group there where EUCS alumni can get in contact with one another and develop their career opportunities.

Once you have completed your B.A. studies, feel free to join our group, get connected and stay in contact.

EUCS Alumni Group