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The Fachschaft are the elected student representatives for our study programme. Elections take place along with the StuPa (students parliament) and senate elections in May/June every year. 

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Events - Past & Present

30.10.2020 - EUCS Abbaden & Anpunschen - CANCELLED

Warm and sunny days at the beach - that is Flensburg in the summer. Enjoying Punsch and Hygge when it gets cold - that is Flensburg in the winter. We want to celebrate the change of seasons with all EUCS students by taking the last dip of the season in the Ostsee and heating up with the first cup Glühwein of the year! On Friday, October 30th the EUCS Fachschaft invites you - the EUCS students of all semesters - to the Ostseebad to meet your fellow students and welcome the newcomers to Flensburg. We hope you come plenty to the first ever EUCS "Abbaden & Anpunschen"!

Due to the COVID-19 measurements we ask you to sign up here so that we can guarantee a safe and fun event! See you at Ostseebad!

Podcast for students

Instagram: fachschaft_eucs_euf

Current Student Representatives (2021/22)


Amrei Kramer

Felicia Jaeckel (she/her)

From: Germany


  • I'm 21 years old and I started studying in Flensburg in September 2019.
  • I plan to do my semester abroad in Linköping, Sweden, in the autumn semester 2021/22.
  • My favourite cafe in Flensburg is the Isa Café in the Norderstraße. By the way: that's also perfect for study dates!
  • I speak German, English, Danish, French and lite svenska.
  • My interests are sports (soccer and since recently rugby), cooking and meeting friends :)

Paula Rilling (she/her)

From: Germany


  • I‘m 22 
  • I started studying in Flensburg in the autumn semester of 2019
  • I‘m going to Bergen, Norway, in the autumn semester 2021
  • My favourite place in Flensburg is the sea because it is simply amazing to be able to quickly go there (and will impress all your friends who do not have this opportunity)
  • My favourite café is also the Isa Café! Great work or chill atmosphere and their vegan cakes are to die for! 
  • I speak German, French, English, un poco español and litt norsk 
  • Not sure I have what counts as hobbies but I love running, meeting or cooking with friends and movie nights

Paula Lohse

Florian Hoppe

Beke Langosch (she/her)

  • I'm 20 years old.
  • I started studying in Flensburg in the autumn semester of 2020.
  • I don’t know where I will go for my semester abroad but I’m thinking about Spain and Norway.
  • My favourite place in Flensburg is the harbour at sunset and I love to get ice cream at the Gelateria La Dolce Vita.
  • I speak English, German, Spanish og jeg lærer norsk.
  • I love joining courses at the Campus Sportzentrum, having a fun night out with friends, and going to the beach with a good book.

Luca Kliehm (he/him)

  • I´m 20 years old.
  • I started studying EUCS in Flensburg in the autumn semester 2020.
  • I´m not sure where I would like to go for my semester abroad, but maybe somewhere in Scandinavia or a Spanish-speaking country. 
  • I really enjoy sitting at the "Museumshafen" on the left side of the harbour, or at the Holnis beach close to Flensburg.
  • My favourite cafe is currently Plan B.
  • I speak German, English, and Spanish.
  • I enjoy cooking and Triathlon, and I cannot wait to join partys again!

Norja Walther (she/her)

  • I’m 22 years old 
  • I started studying EUCS in Flensburg in the autumn semester 2020 
  • I speak German, Norwegian, English, French

Current Volunteers

Sarah Jordan (she/her)