Our Services

We provide information on many topics including

  • All study programs offered at the Europa-Universität Flensburg on the Bachelor-, Master- and PhD-level
  • Structure, content, requirements and qualification targets of degree courses, possible combinations of subjects
  • Basic information on vocational fields open to graduates of a particular program
  • General and specific admissions requirements
  • Application and admissions procedure
  • Aiming for Higher Education without a high school certificate/university-entrance exam (Abitur), non-degree seeking students, study programs for high school students
  • Financing and scholarships (except information on the German Government Student funding BAFöG),
  • Living in Flensburg as a student

We counsel and support you throughout your student life e.g.

  • we counsel you in every step of your decision making processes
  • we help you choose the best study program for you
  • we help you adjusting to university life during the first semester
  • we assist you in all overall questions regarding the planning and design of your studies
  • we advise you on learning and working techniques for your studies
  • we help you prepare for exams and advise you in exam-related issues
  • we support and counsel you in difficult situations, help you manage the situation, find a new perspective etc.
  • we offer advice on further educational perspectives for Bachelor and Master graduates
  • we counsel you if you are unhappy with your study program/ the subjects chosen or if you wish to transfer from/to another university
  • we counsel you if you are thinking about interrupting or discontinuing your university education

We offer the following services

We look forward to assisting you!