Spare time on Campus

The campus of Europa-Universität Flensburg is a great place to spend time outside of lectures, seminars and learning groups. Its large green areas, with its hills, woods and small lakes is used by the students for walking, running, chilling and lots of other activities. We would like to give you an overview of some of these activities:

Sports activities


The campus with its various paths provides runners with many running trails. Runners can choose whether they would like to run up the slight hills, or shorter routes around the lakes. There is no lack of varied routes.

Disc Golf

Disc golf is a golf sport and is therefore played in a very similar way. The objective is to putt into a specially developed hoop and the player with the lowest number of throws wins. 

Flensburg's course is a challenging course that stretches over 235 meters making it not only one of the most demanding, but also the longest in Germany.

Other Sports

Whether you want to play badminton, football or baseball, the wide green areas of the campus offer ideal conditions for sports activities to clear your head between or after lectures.

Chilling on Campus

The students are particularly proud of their Campus Garden which is located in the center of the campus. This garden, created and maintained by the AStA, offers a great opportunity to study in the countryside and enjoy nature. 

Sometimes even seminars have been relocated to its green meadows, if the weather was good enough.

Dog owners benefit from the pet-friendly policy on the campus.

Adventure playground Campus


Geocaching is a digital treasure hunt which is played worldwide. Treasure hunters find, and also hide treasures all over the world, which can been found with the help of GPS-data. These "caches" are often organized as scavenger hunts (multicache) and lead to unknown places.

On the campus in Flensburg there are several geocaches, including a multicache called "all around the Uni!" which leads around the entire Campus via 10 stops. Good luck with the "cache"

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Ingress is an alternative-reality game that was developed by Google. The players fight in two groups for portals, which are hidden all over the world, in order to create fields by conquering these portals and linking them. The aim is for your group to own as many fields as possible.

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