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Project Work – FAQ

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Information about the project work within the module 7 (BA English) for the fall semester 2021/22

In the compulsory module 7 of the subject English, an opportunity opens up for you to practice scientific work techniques based on English-American literary studies or linguistics with your own focus.

The following regulations apply:

The project thesis (as well as the BA thesis in English) can only be written in the sub-disciplines of Literary Studies and Linguistics. The areas of cultural studies and subject didactics cannot be chosen.

- Students who do their project work in the area of "Literature" can generally only write their BA thesis on a topic in literary studies.

- Those who do the project work in the area of "Linguistics" can usually only write the BA thesis on a linguistic topic.

Among other things, the project work also offers the opportunity for preliminary studies for a meaningful BA thesis in English. In any case, the result of the individual project work is to be documented in the form of a scientific term paper (in English, of about 10-12 pages), which is graded and, if "passed", credited with 5 LP and thus can (but does not have to) be the basis of the later BA thesis.

The latest deadline for this written project term paper is 1.12.2021 (16:00).

The selectable topics for HeSe 2021/22 can be found from 7.6.2021, 13:00 on the homepage of the Seminar for English and American Studies ( under the keyword "Projektarbeit 2021", where you will also find handouts or files with the respective detailed information on the individual topics. In HeSe 2021/22 the eligible supervisors are Prof. Dr. Birgit Däwes, Dr. Sibylle Machat, Dr. Rebekka Rohleder, Dr. Johannes Schmid, Prof. Dr. Olaf Jäkel, Dr. Anke Beger.

As the number of lecturers is limited, it is absolutely necessary to register with the respective project leader(s) in due time. They will then decide on your registration and, if necessary, have it entered into the computer system via the secretary's office. It is not possible to register for a submodule without prior approval by the supervising teacher.

For registration we need the following data from you:

(a) name and matriculation number

(b) grades in Module 1 and Module 3; indication of the term paper written/planned in the 4th semester (Module 5) (title of the paper and field: Literature or Linguistics)

(c) subject area for which you are registering

(d) a statement whether you intend to write your BA thesis in English (those who are still undecided should answer "yes").

For your binding registration by e-mail to (the) supervisor(s), the time corridor shall be 6/14/2021 from 2:00 pm (one week after the release of the information) until 6/24/2021. Previous registration attempts will not be considered.

Prof. Dr. O.Jäkel

Executive Director