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Solving the problem of climate change and eradicating extreme poverty are the two big challenges of the 21st century. The energy sector is one of the key sectors to achieve a sustainable development and growth both within developing and industrialised countries.

Flensburg, a small pretty town on the Danish border flanking the Baltic Sea, and its small but powerful University invites you to study "Energy and Environmental Management". Sustainable energy systems for social and economic development are in the focus of this 18 months Master Programme.

The course of studies leads to the degree of a "Master of Engineering in Energy and Environmental Management" (Industrial Engineering). This degree entitles its holder to the professional title of "Wirtschaftsingenieurin" or "Wirtschaftsingenieur" which is legally protected in Germany.

The programme qualifies professionals to work in key positions of the energy industry, governments, NGOs and International Organisations. To take into account the different situation and the specific objectives of sustainable development in industrialised and in developing countries the programme offers two branches of specialisation: "Energy and Environmental Management in Industrialised Countries" and "Energy and Environmental
Management in Developing Countries".

Both specialisations offer a thorough training in energy and environmental economics, energy technology and energy management. Additionally, "Energy and Environmental Management in Developing Countries" puts special emphasis on improving access to modern energy services, on energy planning and on project management. The specialisation builds upon many years of experience with the development oriented Master courses "SESAM" and ARTES.

You find more information on the specialisation "Energy and Environmental Management in Developing Countries" on this website.

If you are interested in the specialisation "Energy and Environmental Management in Industrialised Countries" click here.

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