Possible theses' subject areas result from our research and teaching contents. Students are welcome to suggest ideas regarding the thematic definition of their theses, as long as these correlate with the our research and teaching.

You may choose a topic from the following lists:

Strategy and external organisation

1. Conceptual and empirical analyses of:

  • simple efficiency-oriented forms of cooperation (for example, licensing, joint ventures, supply contracts)
  • complex effciency-oriented forms of cooperation (for example, cooperatives, franchising, value-added architectures)

2. Industry analyses (for example, market structures, case studies, potentials, developments, effects)

  • Automobile industry (for example, e-mobility, carsharing, carpooling)
  • Distribution
  • Value-added architecture, make or buy, cooperations
  • Fashion (for example, sales strategy, make or buy)
  • Old vs. new technologies (for example, value-added architecture, sailing ship effect)

3. Knowledge as a valuable resource

  • Microfoundations and knowledge transfer
  • Knowledge transfer in family businesses
  • State of the art of the Knowledge-Based View (KBV)

Contact: Prof. Dr. Susanne Royer; Grit Müller; Maike Simon

Internal organisation

1. Development from a divisional organisation structure to a holding structure - case studies in different areas

2. Micro-organisation - organisation of the production in the context of Industry 4.0

3. Alphabet Inc. - restructuring of Google Inc. to Alphabet Holding

Contact: Prof. Dr. Susanne RoyerGrit MüllerMaike Simon

Topics with a regional focus

1. Clusters, value-adding networks and competitive advantage - case studies in different areas

  • Clusters in Schleswig-Holstein, Denmark and Germany
  • Cross-border clusters

2. Influence of the corona pandemic on platform markets and SMEs in the border region - case studies in different areas

  • For-profit sharing economy (for example, AirBnB, carsharing)
  • Non-for-profit sharing economy (for example, foodsharing)
  • Regional start-ups
  • Innovation through the corona crisis

Contact: Prof. Dr. Susanne Royer, Grit Müller, Maike Simon