Corporate communications

SemesterWinter semester
Duration of moduleOne semester
Module-Nr.MIM S4 06
Type of courseElective in S4 specialization
Frequency of module offerEach year
Entry requirementsNone
CourseCan be opened as needed to other programs at the University of Flensburg or at the SDU (for example MSc Energy and Environmental Management, MA cultural language media)
ResponsibleProf. Dr. Berthold H. Hass
University teacherProf. Dr. Berthold H. Hass
Teaching languageGerman
Total workload and structure
(e.g. self-study + contact time)
150 h: 90 h contact time, 60 h self-study
Semester hours per week3 hours
Emphasis of the grade for the final grade5/120

Qualification objectives of the module:

  • The lecture gives an introduction to the basic questions and problem areas of corporate communications.
  • Students are expected to learn the crucial importance of information and communication for specialized economic activities and acquire important communication theories.
  • Moreover, they should be enabled to apply such principles and concepts within important segments of corporate communications (employees, customers, general public).

Module contents:

  • Introduction
  • Economic importance of information and communication
  • Communication theories
  • Media and communication paths
  • Customer communication
  • Employee communication

Teaching and learning methods of the module:

Lecture with integrated tutorials

Examination achievements:

Written examination (5 CPs in total)

Specific features:

Occasionally guest lectures by speakers from industry


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