New publication in the Economic Journal (09.04.2021)

A new research paper on the use of robots in firms is forthcoming in the Economic Journal. The paper ist the first to use detailed firm-level data (1990-2016) to document the selection of firms into robot adoption, as well as the associated effects on employment and productivity. A central insight of the paper is that robot adoption is not random, but concentrated among big, highly productive firms, and that robot adopers are able outcompete non-adopters in the same industry. The paper is called "Robots and Firms" and was written jointly by Marcel Smolka, Michael Koch, and Ilya Manuylov. It can be accessed through the website of the Economic Journal.

New information on supervision of Bachelor and Master theses (01.04.2021)

Students interested in writing their Bachelor or Master theses under our supervision in the spring term of 2021 are kindly asked to follow this link.

Department on Twitter (21.08.2020)

The department is now on Twitter. Please follow this link for news on teaching and research activities of the department.

Teaching in times of Corona (23.03.2020)

Due to the current situation at the university in connection with the corona virus, all face-to-face events of the department had to be canceled in the spring semester. The "Development Economics" course was canceled without replacement and is expected to be offered again in the fall semester 2020/21. The department's other courses are currently offered online via the Moodle e-learning platform ( Please contact for access to the corresponding courses via Moodle.