Prof. Dr.Stephan Panther

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Munketoft 3b
Post code / City
24937 Flensburg

Main research interests

  • Social and Cultural Framing of Economics, with particular regard to Spain and Latin America
  • Comparative Institutionalism
  • Economics and Ethics
  • Applied Game Theory

Current research and projects

The political economy of the middle-income trap

Flechtner, S. & Panther, S. (2015): Global and domestic inequalities and the political economy of the middle-income trap, working paper. [download]

Flechtner, S. & Panther, S. (2016, forthcoming): Economic inequality, political power and political decision-making: the case of the "middle-income trap", in S. Fadda & P. Tridico (eds), Verities of Capitalism, Routledge.

Global Political Economy

Panther, S. (2014): Institutions in a World System - Contours of a Research Program, Working Paper Series, No. 76. [download]

Selected publications

  • Cultural Factors in the Transition Process. Latin Center, Orthodox Periphery?, in: Jürgen G. Backhaus und Günter Krause (eds.), Issues in Transformation Theory, Marburg: Metropolis, 1997, S.95-122.

Brief Vita

  • Born in 1961
  • 1980-1986 Degree in Economics and Political Science at Ludwig-Maximilians University (LMU) in Munich
  • 1990 Doctorate in Economics (Dr. oec. publ.) with a dissertation on the economic analysis of environmental liability legislation at the Faculty of Economics of the LMU
  • 2000 Habilitation at the Department of Economics of the University of Hamburg with a work on ?Social Relations and Markets?
  • 2001- 2003 Temporary Professorship (for Prof. Dr. Hans Nutzinger at the University of Kassel)
  • Since 2003 Professor for International and Institutional Economics with regional focus on Spain and Latin America at the University of Flensburg
  • Member of the Committee for System Comparison and Institutional Economics of the Association for Social Policy
  • Chairman (with Prof. Dr. Gerd Grözinger) of the "Arbeitskreis Politische Ökonomie" (Working Group Political Economy)
  • Visiting lecturer at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management