Work tasks and structures of educational staff in daycare centers

This project should analyze whether and how educational staff in daycare centers addresses itself to and implements the requirements stated in the educational program of Schleswig-Holstein (as a social "mission") in practice. With the help of a job evaluation procedure to be developed educational staff in daycare centers should be observed and surveyed during their work. The key objective of the project is to identify structural conditions (structural quality) that are beneficial or impedimental with regard to the implementation of the requirements. A research gap is hereby filled, as - if at all - only self-evaluations as part of any surveys are available which, in particular, in this field are subject to a strong social desirability.

Duration: 2015/05 - 2017/04

Funding: University funding

Project managementProf. Dr. Heiner Dunckel

Project staffDr. Claudia Richter; Sabrina Petersen 

Work motivation and culture

Work motivation and culture

The doctoral project investigates whether similarly socialized groups of people develop comparable work motifs. The underlying working hypothesis postulates that persons following similar values and standards will find similar working conditions attractively throughout the whole world. A confirmation of this hypothesis might be - after further research and development of any suitable tools - a great help for the composition of international teams or the question with regard to the personal suitability for e.g. a stay abroad.

By means of online-based tests quantitative studies with students of different nationalities were already  conducted in 2014 and 2015. In addition, a control test was completed at two German comprehensive schools in 2015.

The previous results acknowledge that people with similar social backgrounds are more likely similar with regard to their work motifs than people who due to their origin class among differing living environments.

Duration:  03/2014 - 11/2016

Funding: University Funding

Responsible person: Dirk Wortmann



This dissertation project investigates whether and to what extent people delegated to foreign countries for a specific time, so-called expatriates, change with regard to any selected personality characteristics over time. The potential personal development of the expatriates can be influenced by the differentness of the native culture and the respective culture in the country of posting at the same time.

The objective of this project is to explore whether people abroad change with regard to their personality characteristics and whether this development is under the influence of the cultural divergence between the home and guest country. The panel study pursues the investigation of any further determinants of the reintegration process after the stay abroad, exceeding the effect mechanisms identified by the research up to now as well as the external, structurally-focused ones.

Duration: 08/2014

Funding: Hochschulmittel

Responsible person: Véronique Slomski

Patient satisfaction

Patient satisfaction

This project pursues the question which conditions objectively measureable increase the satisfaction of patients in hospitals. By means of an online-based trend survey, preceded by a pretest, a new tool is developed and tested that should help hospitals with regard to the patient care in the future. First results indicate that the patient satisfaction is significantly determined by the dimensions of communication, participation and appreciation.

Finalizing control surveys are currently conducted using paper and pencil in order to eliminate any potential distortion due to the original survey method. The study is expected to be terminated in November 2015. A publication of the results is planned for the first quarter 2016.

Duration: 08/2014 - 12/2016

Funding: Third-party funding

Project staff: Prof. Dr. Heiner Dunckel, Dirk Wortmann