Sozial- und Organisationstheorie

Semester: Springsemester 2023
Module: Sozial- und Organisationstheorie
Lecture: Sozial- und Organisationstheorie - Seminar, 5 CP
Study Program: Master "International Management Studies" / CMI-SDU (S3)
Teacher: Prof. Dr. Thomas Behrends
Time and Room: Thursdays, 9:15am – 11:45am, MAD 126 

Subject of the course

At its core, organizational theories aim to explain the "behaviour" of social systems. In this respect, it is hardly surprising that most of the organizational-theoretical approaches currently being discussed have their roots in general social-theoretical considerations. The course "Social and organizational theory" offers a first introduction to the basics of social theory. Based on a discussion of elementary basics, selected social-theoretical explanatory approaches are developed by/with the students and critically discussed with regard to their potential contribution to the development of management and organizational research.

Qualification goals

In this way, the students gain an in-depth insight into the interdisciplinary variety of selected social and organizational theories and are thus able to reveal the often tacit assumptions of important organizational theories, to critically question them and to assess them with regard to their explanatory power in the context of organizational phenomena.


Carrying out (and documenting) a presentation.


Joas, H./ Knöbl, W. (2004/ 2011): Sozialtheorie: Zwanzig einführende Vorlesungen, Frankfurt a.M.

Clegg, S./ Cunha, M.P.E. (Hrsg.): Management, Organizations and Contemporary Social Theory, London 2019.

Further information:

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