Attention: Attendance is mandatory!

This course is a "practical exercise/workshop". According to §52 HSG, paragraph 12, this event format is explicitly excluded from the lifting of the attendance obligation.

Semester: Springsemester 2023
Module: Projektmanagement
Course: Projektmanagement - Seminar, 5 CP
Study Program: Master "International Management Studies" /CMI-SDU (SQ)
Teacher: Anders Fonager Christensen
Time and Room: Friday, 2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m., MAD 131

Qualification Goals:

  • The ability to organize and coordinate complex projects is part of the expected performance profile of managers today. The students learn to develop project goals, to coordinate different actors, content and competencies, to use resources responsibly and to process failures and criticism.
  • The students know the basics and newer development tendencies of modern project management. You can identify the main challenges of such tasks and make systematically justified decisions regarding the appropriate structuring and approach as well as the use of suitable methods.
  • After completing this module, the students are able to understand, assess and apply the structure of a project, its conceptual foundations and peculiarities as well as the suitability of various practical instruments from the field of project management. You have practiced designing and using your own action strategies in order to be able to plan, structure, integrate, control and evaluate projects in practical contexts.

Subject of the course:

  • Introduction to project management (taking into account both conventional and agile approaches)
  • Identifying and analyzing the project environment
  • Creating a project goal frame
  • Planning of time processes
  • resource management
  • Cost and Risk Management
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Project management and control (conventional and agile)
  • communication in the project
  • Project organization, such as creating project reports
  • Implementation based on a real project or based on case studies
  • Introduction of project management software

Teaching and learning methods:

Seminar with (online) lecture components and project work, individual presentations, practical case studies and role plays


Implementation of a sample project, if possible as a real project related to the company


Development and presentation of a project based on:

  • Initial situation, framework conditions, project environment analysis
  • Target agreement (project order),
  • project structure plan (WBS/storyboard),
  • Network plan (NP)
  • framework schedule (RTP)
  • budget plan
  • risk analysis

As group work with a maximum of 5 people per group.


Own slide script plus various deepening, literature after announcement


Appointment Topic
24.03.2023 Introduction to the basics
14.04.2023 Goals
21.04.2023 planning tools
28.04.2023 Cost, Funding and Risk
05.05.2023 project organization
12.05.2023 management tools
26.05.2023 project communication
09.06.2023 Advice
23.06.2023 Examination