Human Resource Management

Semester: Springsemester 2023
Module: Human Resource Management
Course: Human Resource Management - Vorlesung und Seminar, 5 CP
Study Program: Master "International Management Studies" / CMI-SDU (S3)
Teacher: Prof. Dr. Thomas Behrends
Time and room: Fridays, 11:15am - 1:45pm, MAD 225

Subject of the course:

The "Human Resource Management" event imparts basic content from the field of human resources and organizational research based on behavioral science.

Following the discussion of elementary epistemological, conceptual and methodological foundations of HR research, selected HR management or organizational theoretical explanations, strategies and instruments are developed with the students and critically discussed.

Qualification Goals:

Based on a functionalistically based understanding of operational HR work, the students are able to analyze the application requirements and design parameters of HR management measures and to critically reflect on their possible uses (and limits) for the handling of operational problems.


Preparation of a scientific essay (alone or in pairs) at the end of the semester.


Martin, A. (2001): Personal - Theorie, Politik, Gestaltung. Stuttgart.

Martin, A./ Bartscher-Finzer, S. (2015): Personal - Sozialisation, Integration und Kontrolle. Stuttgart.

Martin, Q. (2017): Organizational Behaviour - Verhalten in Organisationen (2. akt. und erw. Aufl.). Stuttgart.

Further literature by arrangement.

Further information:

Further information on the seminar as well as the VA handout with topics and dates can be found in the corresponding Moodle course (The registration code is: HRM2022):

The first date planned for March 17th, 2023 is cancelled, so the event will not start until March 24th, 2023!


Day           Date                  Subject
Fr 24.03.23

Basic Introduction:

Presentation of the course: The Science of Human Resources

Fr 31.03.23 Operational HR work:
Between Personnel Administration and Human Resource Management
Fr 07.04.23 Easter Holidays
Fr 14.04.23
Fr 21.04.23 HRM: A Functionalist Framework I:
Basic functions of social systems
Fr 28.04.23 HRM: A Functionalist Framework II:
HR functional areas
Fr 05.05.23 HRM: A Functionalist Framework III:
Core principles of HR design
Fr 12.05.23 Selection / personnel selection
Fr 19.05.23 "Socialization and Personal Development
Fr 26.05.23 Integration and Organizational Culture
Fr 02.06.23 Motivation and Incentives
Fr 09.06.23 Leadership and Control
Fr 16.06.23 Work and Task Design
Fr 23.06.23 Conclusion / review / assignment