"In principle, organizations consist of nothing else than people working with them.

In this respect, personnel is not simply another "production factor", but to some extent the real "substance" of an organization." Albert Martin

Bachelor and Master thesis

Dear students,

The preparation of scientific works requires due diligence and compliance with any specific regulations. Among others, formal regulations can be learned from the examination regulations of your course of studies (PO M.A. IMS, § 20,PO B.A. IM, §18). However, the preliminary considerations with regard to your thesis will also raise questions which cannot be clarified by searching in formal guidelines.  

If you intend to write your thesis at our chair, please read the following answers to frequently asked questions.  

Must I have already planned a topic?

Yes and no. Please develop first ideas with regard to a subject area from the Department of Human Resources and Organization that might be interesting for you, as normally no topic is defined by the chair. After that, this first topic idea is specified in more detail in collaboration with your supervisor. Any specific focuses of work and research of the individual persons can be learned from the relevant staff section and the publication list on our homepage. Please find below a selection of some qualification works submitted to us which can serve as a source of inspiration for you.  

 When and how should I look for a supervisor?

It is stringently required that you contact us via this form at least eight weeks prior to the planned official registration of the thesis (as a student being subject to the Danish study regulations, please observe the deadlines indicated below). The assignment of the supervisor depends on the main topic and the capacities available. Should you have already contacted somebody, please make a note in the form.  

Experience has shown that the specification and detailed formulation of your first idea up to the finalized topic is the most demanding part of your thesis which is completed during these eight weeks until the official registration. This step is made in collaboration with your future supervisor, see also further below "How is the supervision organized?".

Who can supervise my work?

For more detailed information, please refer to your relevant examination regulations.

Bachelor theses of both study regulations and Master theses of the German study regulation can also be supervised by the scientific employees of the chair. However, pursuant to the examination regulations one of the two reviewers has to belong to the group of professors. The responsibility for organizing the supervision by a second examiner lies with you and should be made in consultation with your first examiner.  

Cand.Merc.Int. Master theses have to be supervised by a professor.   

Are there any specific regulations for my thesis?

Master theses with the focus on S3 are only accepted if the lecture HRM has been finished succesfully.

How does the official registration of my thesis take place? When does it take place?

German examination regulations: The official registration of the thesis with the examination office is made by you as soon as the topic, objective, structure and approach of the work have sufficiently been specified and discussed with the supervisor. Please ask the examination office for any formal requirements.  

Danish examination regulations: The registration deadlines for qualification works are determined by SDU and are not variable. Please ask the Danish office for any further information.  

Registration for Master students can only take place if you presented your selection of topics in our Master colloquium.

Are there any obligatory colloquia?

Colloquia for Bachelor and Master students are provided as necessary.

The presentation of your work in a colloquium is obligatory for Bachelor students PO 2017 as well as for all Master students (PO 2012 and 2017). The theses can only be registered after the presentation of the seleciton of topics in the colloquium.

The dates of the colloquiua are coordinated via Moodle (see Kolloquium PundO). The password for Moodle will be provided by your examiner.

How is the supervision organized?

The progress of your work is regularly discussed with your supervisor by telephone, email or on the occasion of a personal meeting. Moreover, colloquia will take place at the chair. As part of these colloquia you present your topic and the current work progress of your thesis. Please plan at least one date of attendance at this colloquium prior to the official registration of your thesis.