NaProWa - Sustainable production of hydrogen

The aim of this project is to research conditions and criteria for a sustainable production of hydrogen in Schleswig-Holstein and Morocco as a possible hydrogen import country.

Key facts

Hydrogen, sustainability, renewable energies, Schleswig-Holstein, Morocco, import
03/01/22 - 08/31/22
University institutions
Department of Energy and Environmental Management - Industrial Countries (EUM), Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems (ZNES)


The project entitled "Sustainable Production of Hydrogen" is a research semester funded by the EKSH with a duration of 6 months.

Even if a functioning hydrogen recycling economy has not yet been established in Schleswig-Holstein, there is already a lot of experience in relation to the planning and construction of electrolysers and hydrogen filling stations, for example. The aim of this project is to research current implementation practice and, based on this, to develop sustainability criteria for the production of green hydrogen.

It is planned to conduct interviews with various stakeholders from Schleswig-Holstein from the areas of industry, civil society and politics about the current implementation practice of hydrogen production sites and hydrogen filling stations. The aim is to identify concrete criteria that make this realization more sustainable. Sustainability in this context refers to a technically and economically sensible, socially just and environmentally friendly production of hydrogen from renewable resources, which is to be used in non-electrifiable applications in order to make the best possible contribution to the energy transition. The results of the interviews in combination with the research on sustainability criteria result in the development of sustainability criteria.

In the second step, the criteria developed are transferred to the country of Morocco, which is a possible hydrogen import country. Both countries have already signed a declaration of intent in this regard and are working on shaping the partnership. Due to the different circumstances in the two countries, the criteria must be adapted to local needs.

The concrete research question is: How can a sustainable production of green hydrogen be achieved by taking into account technically and economically relevant, socially just and environmentally friendly criteria (sustainability criteria)?


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