Teaching autumn term 2016

The following table provides an overview of lectures and dates for the spring term 2016. For further information on lecture contents, requirements and alternative dates, please consult Studiport.

CourseLecturerStudy program and semester (recommended)Start date/ time frameCancelled sessions
VWL 2: Macroeconomics, LectureNils Karl Sørensen BIM 2. Semester26.02.
VWL 2: Macroeconomics, ExerciseSara El-MadaniBIM 2. Semester29.02.
International Economics, Seminar Prof. Dr. Stephan PantherBIM 4. Semester
Europe in the Global Economy, LectureProf. Dr. Stephan PantherMIM 2. Semester
Wirtschaftsethik, SeminarProf. Dr. James BrutonMIM 2. Semester