Research interests

Why is Argentina's development path so different from that of Australia or canada? Why are Botswana's diamonds a blessing, but those of the Congo a curse? Why is Scandinavia's living standard among the highest of the world?

Questions like these point to the interplays between formal and informal rules of a society and rules of globalized politics and economics, which determine the economic success of countries to a considerable extent. At the same time, these variables influence whether a country is a succesful trading nation and investment location in the long term.

Is it the social capital that determines the quality of formal public institutions or is it the other way around? What is and how changes (the importance of) culture? How does culture affect economies?

"Who understands why some are rich and some are poor, understands as well which country can be a sustainable investment location." Prof. Dr. Stephan Panther

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Prof. Dr. Stephan Panther

Prof. Panther's research interests focuses on the Political Economy of long-term economic development, cultural and social embeddedness of economic activities (incl. social capital theory), institutional economics (especially theories of institutional change), development economics and business ethics (incl. theories of justice).  [Read more...]

Current projects

Current doctoral research

Prof. Panther currently supervises seven external doctoral projects about diverse topics from economics and business administration which connect to the professorship's research areas.