Frequently asked questions at the department of International and Institutional Economics

The following sides provide answers for the most frequently asked questions. Please check if you can find an answer to your question here before contacting us.

When are the office hours?

Please check our website for cancellations of office hours.

Please note registration procedures for appointsments during Prof. Panther's office hours.

Do I have to set up an appointment for the office hours?

For appointments during the office hours of Prof. Panther, please register on the list hanging outside the office (room MV 221/222). If you do not sign up, you will need to expect a long waiting period and may not get a slot.

For appointments with Sara El-Madani, please contact her via e-mail. For an appointment during the office hours of Svenja Flechtner, no previous sign-up is required.

Where do I get the password for my courses on moodle?

You should be given the password during the first lecture by your respective lecturer.  If you have lost the password, you can e-mail your lecturer or the secretariat (

How can I get a letter of recommendation from you?

Please read these conditions and rules carefully before sending us your request.


  • Letters of recommedation for scholarships, Master's study programs or internships can only be written for students we know well. Besides the compulsary/introductory subjects, you should have chosen a specialization in economics and have completed several courses or seminars of ours.
  • Your performance should be above average to an extent that makes us want to recommend you for the scholarship or study program in question. A letter of recommendation that certifies you average performances would neither satisfy you nor us.


  • At the latest, you need to have sent your request 4 weeks before the deadline. The earlier, the better.
  • In your first contact, you include information about the recipient and the modalities of the recommendation (online or via printed letter, in this case include the address) and specific demands on the part of the recipient organisation, if applicable.
  • Furthermore you include which courses and seminars you have completed at our professorship so far and a transcript of records.
  • We discuss your request and the further steps with you.

I want to write my Bachelor or Master thesis at the professorship. What do I have to do?

You can find more detailed information about the process of writing a Bachelor or Master thesis in the category Academic papers and theses. Please check there for any information and contact us directly once you have a topic proposal.

When are the office hours of the secretariat?

The secretariat opens Tuesdays and Thursdays 09:00-11:30 am.