The Directorate

The Directorate

The Directorate of the Centre for Teacher Training considers and determines all fundamental matters of the ZfL, paying specific attention to the decisions of the University Senate and the University Board. These include the ZfL's budget, preparing the decisions of the various university committees on key issues in the area of teacher training, cooperation on collective positions and coordination on teacher training related issues.

The Directorate is composed of 5 members with voting rights and 3 advisory members. Voting members are the Director (Chair), the spokeswoman/spokesman for the Centre of Excellence of Education, Teaching and Teacher Training Research, (to be established), two members of the Department of Teaching Methodology, plus a representative from the educational science partial study program. Advisory members are the Vice President for Study and Teaching Studies, the Managing Director of the ZfL, and the Head of the Centre for Academic Continuing Education (ZWW).

The members of the Department of Teaching Methodology and the representative from the educational science partial study program are elected by the Senate for a term of three years. Re-election is possible.

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