Task of the ZfL

The ZfL's primary task is, above all, to promote the professionalization of prospective teachers and practicing teachers. In this context, teacher training is also understood to be a process of developing an occupational biography, a process in which prospective teachers and practicing teachers shall acquire an inquiring and self-reflective attitude, in addition to the career-relevant skills. This commitment to life-long learning opens up learning experiences in international and interdisciplinary contexts.

To accomplish this task, the ZfL supports, advises and evaluates both prospective and practicing teachers with a view to achieving a more effective teaching/learning process at universities and in schools.

As part of the planning of practical training, the ZfL carries out conceptual and coordinating functions in the area of teacher training. It deals with cross-curricular tasks in teacher training, school development, knowledge transfer and educational research and participates in related inter-University advisory processes.

Each department is personally responsibe in terms of concept and personnel for its teaching and research tasks, and their responsibility to participate in practical training remains unaffected by this.