Studies and Teaching

The Bachelor degree program Educational Sciences covers the basics of education and development in the context of learning and teaching. Social change, media and didactics are important parts of the program, as well as learning research methods and academic writing skills. Issues such as heterogeneity, difference, diagnostics and support are integral parts of the program and confront prospective teachers with the reality of their future careers. Students are given the opportunity to learn how to work reflectively and autonomously, and to participate in professional discourse.

The Master's degree program covers different topics in greater detail, depending on the school-type specific objectives. Topics covered include heterogeneous situations, social inequality and successes at school, as well as teaching and school development. The Master's degree program for special school teachers also covers special education.

The ZfL develops, coordinates and provides advice with regards to teaching-related programs and participates in quality assurance processes.

The ZfL organizes the educational science courses, which are a part of the program, as well as the practical training in schools. In the area of teaching, the ZfL develops and coordinates the interdisciplinary studies and events, in particular in the area of professionalization.