Teaching placement for assistant teachers (ALP)

The concept of ALP

The concept of ALP

The teaching practice for assistant teachers (ALP) takes place during the first two semesters of the BA degree course (winter semester: ALP I, summer semester: ALP II) and is the introductory part of the school-based teacher training programme at the University of Flensburg.

Over a period of two semesters, students thus gain an insight into their future profession, can try out working as a teacher and reconsider their choice of career at an early stage of their studies. With the aim of achieving an interrelation of the theoretical and practical training, experiences gained during the practical training are considered during accompanying seminars in which they are reviewed in a theoretical context and during which further basic knowledge about schools and education is being taught. At the same time, the theoretical findings from the seminar will be applied to the internship.

Learning assistance

Learning assistance

In contrast to a conventional internship that lasts several weeks, the teaching practice for assistant teachers, which takes place during the semester offers students the opportunity to support pupils continuously and intensively in their individual learning development over a period of nearly a whole year. This is why this type of internship offers a great opportunity, from which both sides can profit.

  •  By learning from practical cases, students can develop the skill to focus on individual pupils and gain valuable experience for their own qualification process. In the process they not only learn a lot about how students learn, but also about the whole teaching profession, themselves and their role as a teacher.
  • Through their conversations with the students, mentors can gain new insights and an understanding of individual pupils and are in that way supported in their work.
  • Pupils have the added benefit of extra supervision and support in their learning.


The objective of the teaching practice for assistant teachers is that every student accompanies and supports an individual pupil continuously over a period of two semesters. Students should keep written notes of their experience whilst providing the learning assistance and the accompanying documentation (observations, notes on interviews, etc.) for their portfolio. It is particularly important for the student, together with his/her mentor,  to reflect on experiences gained in an ongoing process.

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