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The practical semester

The practical semester

The practical semester

The 10-weeks practical semester will be carried out for the first time in *October* 2014/15 during the third semester of the Master of Education degree course. Students will carry out this internship in elementary and common schools.

30 ECTS credits in total are awarded for the practical semester,15 ECTS credits are awarded for the practical experience in schools and 15 ECTS for attending three lectures or seminars in the respective courses. From Mondays to Thursdays students will be in school to participate in all activities of school life, such as teaching, supervision, conferences, school fêtes, parents evenings as well as being involved with the preparations for these activities, etc.

The performance record is made up of

1. Evidence that four lessons have been planned by the student independently. The lesson plan must be in writing and sufficiently detailed.

2. Evidence that the student has planned at least 10 lessons independently by way of "brief preparations" (Kurzvorbereitungen) including a discussion on these preparations

3. Evidence that the student has completed a research-based learning task within the meaning of the concept of research-based learning (Forschendes Lernen)

4. A Portfolio.