Continuing Education and Further Training - EULE

The EULE represents the ZfL in the areas of continuing education and further training. The EULE is a joint institution of the IQSH and the Europa-Universität Flensburg. It is an institution of innovative teaching concepts and methods. It sees its role as that of an initiator, enabling new scientific knowledge to reach schools as early as possible, by getting university lecturers and other speakers involved in school and curriculum development, as well as by encouraging schools to provide the university with feedback on any needs for development in schools.

This is achieved thanks to the services that the EULE provides. It offers on-demand services and reacts to any requests made by schools by providing them with proposals. By providing support in the field of school development processes and by offering the concept of tailor-made proposals, the EULE is in a position to work directly on solutions for any developmental needs in schools.

The EULE offers events, both for practicing teachers, as well as for students. The experiences gained by having such mixed groups attending events are very positive. For example, students ask questions that are not raised in schools and bring in new perspectives and ideas as a result of their experiences gained at university, rather than from experiences gained whilst working in schools. Such experiences are in turn grounded by teachers and made feasible for schools.

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