Master of Engineering Degree Program

Course of StudyDegreeStartLanguage of instructionComment
Energy and Enviromental Management (EEM) in Developing CountriesM.Eng.Summer SemesterEnglishNumerus Clausus (Minimum Grade), Separate application procedure, special deadlines

Timeplanning 2022

Please check Studiport for any deviations in the course plan:

Months                    Time Date Event
January - March 2022      
    - 25th January  Lecture period HS 21-22
    28th -30th January Workshop Intercultural Communication/EEM 2021 - 2023
      Re-registration for summer semester (to be confirmed)
    31st January Submission of final version of research proposal/EEM 2020-22
    31st January - 18th February German Language block course/EEM 2021-23
    7th - 9th March Introduction Workshop EEM 2021-2023
    14th March - 8th July Lecture time
April - June 2022      
    13rd - 15th May DAAD Meeting in Berlin with DAAD scholarship holder 2021-23
    11th June Summer fete at Winderatter See from2 pm, details follow.
    27th June - 1st July Presentation of modules
July - September 2022      
    1st July End of lecture time
    4th - 7th July  Excursion Renewable Energy about (3 days)
    1st - 25th August German Language block course/EEM 2021-23
    12th August Submission Master Thesis EEM 2020-22
    26th - 31st August Oral Examination EEM 2020-22 Juniors are welcome to participate
    1st September Beginning of Fall semester
    9th September Graduation
    19th September - 13th January lecture time
    September Virtual Alumni Exursion 
October - December 2022      
    17th - 21st October Excursion to International Organisations EEM 21-23
    24th - 26rd October Introduction Seminar for EEM 2022-24
    27th Dec 2022 - 7th January 2023 Lecture free