Asian Alumni Workshop 2016

The 2016 Asian Alumni Workshop on Resilience in Energy System was held in Bandung, Indonesia 15 – 20 May 2016. This Asian regional workshop was a follow up of the international workshop "Addressing Resilience and Sustainability in Energy Management -  25 years of development oriented studies at the University of Flensburg", held in Flensburg, Germany, September 2015 and was organised by a group of Indonesian alumni. The workshop was attended by key experts in resilience in energy system in Indonesia, lecturers from the University of Flensburg and alumni from German universities from eight Asian countries. The 4-day workshop included presentation sessions, a field visit to the Wayang Windu geothermal plant and an alumni networking session.

The main topics of the workshop were
•    Indonesia Energy Development and Key Challenges
•    Energy planning and policy for resilient energy system
•    Energy system resilience to economic dynamics and Climate Change
•    Business and entrepreneurship models for resilient and sustainable energy systems
•    Education for environmental sustainability and resilience
•    Energy Efficiency in Industry, household, transportation and buildings

The workshop offered an opportunity to explore ideas and experience on resilience in energy systems, considering the role that Asia plays in the future global energy matrix.
It helped to strengthen the professional network of Asian DAAD and provided an opportunity to share ideas, how to reduce vulnerability and improve resilience in energy systems for the Asian region.
The full papers of the participants are available in the proceeding of the workshop.

Proceedings of the Alumni Workshop 2016