Social Media and the Nature of Science-in-Society

Categories: Ringvorlesungen und Kolloquien

Douglas Allchin (Minneapolis) hält einen Vortrag im Rahmen des Flensburger Kolloquiums zur Geschichte und Didaktik der Physik zum Thema "Social Media and the Nature of Science-in-Society" 

More and more, people are relying on social media for their scientific information. But is it reliable? The conventional role of gatekeeping in the news media is being challenged. Science con-artists abound. This raises important questions about the role of science communication and the nature of science for consumers and citizens who rely on trustworthy scientific information in personal and public decision making. I present some cases of fake news and alternative facts, and sketch a theoretical framework for reconceptualizing nature of science in a sociological perspective: as nature of science-in-society.


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