June 2022

Climate change mitigation and socio-economic convergence in the EU


In this new article, Claudius Gräbner-Radkowitsch and Jakob Hafele from the ZOE Institute explain why EU climate protection measures are urgently needed, but can only be successfully enforced if they address rising inequalities among Member States. An active industrial policy is essential in this context. The article is part of the anthology "Making the great turnaround work: Economic policy for a green and just transition" published by the Heinrich Böll Foundation and can be accessed free of charge here.

Job announcement: PhD position at our department


As of October 1 there will be a 50% TV-L13 position to be filled at our department. We are looking for someone who want to make a significant contribution to the field of pluralist economics. You can find more information about the position and how to apply here. Deadline for applications: July 10.

Podcast “In der Wirtschaft”


Claudius Gräbner-Radkowitsch was guest on the (German-speaking) podcast "In der Wirtschaft". In about 70 minutes he spoke about the pros and cons of economic modelling, especially agent-based models, but also the need for pluralism in economics and current debates about degrowth. You can listen to the episode here.

May 2022

Pluralism and global inequality


At the invitation of Rethinking Economics Tübingen, Claudius Gräbner-Radkowitsch gave the opening speech for the public lecture series "Economics crises and the crisis of economics" in Tübingen. The title of the talk was "Liegt die Wahrheit irgendwo dazwischen? Eine plurale Perspektive auf globale Ungleichheit" and the slides are available here.