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Application for a semester abroad at a partner university

Application for a semester abroad (spring and fall) is made in the academic year prior.

The application process has several steps:

  1. Attend the information event of the outgoing team in the autumn semester before your planned stay abroad.
  2. Research and select partner universities. Please pay particular attention to the course catalogues
  3. Language certificates
  4. Application to the International Center of the EUF
  5. Selection procedure
  6. Nomination and application at the partner university

For more detailed information on the individual steps, please refer to the corresponding tabs.

Information event of the outgoing team

Information event of the outgoing team about the semester abroad

Every autumn semester, the EUF Outgoing Team offers information events on the semester abroad specific to the study programme.

Why should you attend the info sessions?

We inform you in detail about all the steps you need to take before, during and after your stay abroad. You will find out at an early stage whether you still need to acquire language certificates, for example, what deadlines you need to observe and how you can finance your stay abroad.

When do the information events take place?

The next info sessions will be held in November 2021.

For the exact dates and access data, please refer to the PDF files or the

Check out the EUF Calendar

Find the right partner university

Find the right partner university for your stay abroad

Search the overview for partner universities that fit your degree programme and research the courses offered on the respective website. Please note the required language skills. The overview distinguishes between partner universities in Europe (Erasmus+ SMS) and non-European partner universities (PartnerUni). Here you will also find testimonials from exchange students.

Currently the ERASMUS+ contracts are being revised. Therefore, there may still be minor deviations in the places listed here. The overview will always be updated.

Overview of Partner Universities

Language Requirements

Information on necessary language certificates

You must provide evidence of knowledge of the language of instruction but not of the national language. The proof must be provided for the language in which you take the majority of the courses.

Language of instruction English at the host university:

  • Level at least B2
  • Official language certificate required (e.g. IELTS, Cambridge, TOEFL or similar).

Information, dates and prices for the TOEFL ITP test can be found on the website of the Center for Languages.

Courses taught in Spanish, French and Danish at the host university:

  • Level B1 at the time of application
  • Level B2 at the start of the semester abroad
  • Subject or official language certificate, e.g. DELE

Information, dates and prices for the DELE certificate can be found on the website of the EUF Center for Languages.

Courses taught in Italian and Portuguese at the host university:

  • Level B1 (minimum)

Courses taught in German:

  • No proof necessary.

Please note: You must upload proof of language proficiency in the application form in order to submit your application. Please generate a PDF document stating that you will be studying in German at the partner university.

Please note:

Language requirements for partner universities may differ from the above regulations. Language certificates showing a higher level of proficiency may be required (especially in Spain and South America). For example, it may not be enough to provide a language certificate issued by your faculty – you may need tosubmit an official language certificate (like the DELE).

Please be sure to check the partner university's website for the latest requirements.

On the other hand, some partner universities have less stringent language level requirements. Please check the websites of your preferred partner university and contact us afterwards.

Special issues for language certificates for the B.A. programs in Educational Science and International Management - Business Administration

Below you will find the partner universities where you can spend a semester abroad if you do not have a B2 certificate in English.

(as of December 2020)

Below you will find the partner universities where you can spend a semester abroad if you do not have a B2 certificate in English.

(as of December 2020)

Applying at the International Center

Second Application Round (European and non-European Destinations) for the Spring Semester 2023

From March 24 to May 20, 2022, a second application round for European and non-European destinations will be offered for the spring semester 2023. This round is for students who have not yet received a place offer from the International Center. Here you can find the places still available according to study programs:

Filename Category Date Size / type
babw.pdf 03/24/22 110 KB (PDF)
eucs.pdf 05/14/22 78 KB (PDF)
im-ims-.pdf 03/24/22 77 KB (PDF)
master.pdf 03/24/22 136 KB (PDF)

Applications can be submitted at the very bottom of this page in the application portal.

Applying at the International Center:

You can apply for a place at a maximum of three partner universities. Please research the courses offered at your chosen universities in advance.

You need to apply online via an application form. The link to this is only activated during the application phase (at the bottom of this page).

After you have registered in the form, you can interrupt the application process at any time. Your data will be saved and only sent by you at the end of the process.

The following documents must be uploaded during the application process (in PDF format):

  • Language certificate
  • Transcript of records (does not have to be stamped). Master’s students: please upload the bachelor's degree transcript instead (with final grade).
  • CV
  • Letter of motivation in German or English (500-600 words)

Application Portal re-opening until May 20, 2022

Applications for European and non-European destinations for the spring semester 2023 may be submitted in the application portal until May 20, 2022. Please select the appropriate form for your application in the portal.

Go to Application Portal

Applications outside the application period are not possible. You can only apply for a semester abroad during the above-mentioned period.

Selection Procedure

Selection Procedure

When applying, you can specify up to three partner universities as your preferred destinations. The selection committee of the International Center tries to make a semester abroad possible for as many applicants as possible.

After you have applied online, the International Center will respond within four weeks with an offer of a study place abroad. You must accept or decline this offer within a certain period of time (you will be informed of this in your cover letter). If you accept the offered place, you will be nominated by the International Center at the selected university.

The following selection criteria apply:

  1. The first main criterion is your academic performance to date (and proven by your transcript of records or bachelor’s degree certificate).
  2. The second main criterion is your suitability for studying at the specified partner university. The decisive factors here are:
    • Whether you have sufficient language skills
    • Whether your subjects can be studied deeply enough at the partner university (for the B.A. program in the Educational Sciences)
  3. Further selection criteria include your letter of motivation, and
  4. Any special (extra-) university engagement you have shown.

Nomination and Application at the Partner University

Nomination and Application at the Partner University

  • Nomination: The International Center nominates you at the partner university. Your study place there is only secure when the partner university has issued its declaration of acceptance.
  • Application at the partner university: You will receive application documents from the partner university or through the International Center at EUF. Be sure to submit your application to the partner university early, allowing sufficient time for any questions or issues that might come up. The application deadlines and procedures at the individual partner universities vary greatly. Please keep an eye on the application deadline at your university and contact us if you have not been contacted by the partner university four weeks before the application deadline.