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Hanna Brauers has been a research assistant at the European University Flensburg since April 2021. She successfully defended her PhD at the Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin) in May 2021. She is a visiting researcher at both TU Berlin and the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin). The industrial engineer with a focus on energy and resource management concentrates her research on coal and natural gas markets. She combines economic and political science approaches to allow for the inclusion of stakeholder interests, power and inequality, and technological constraints. Her doctoral research analyses the political economy of energy transformations with a focus on coal and natural gas phase-out in different countries.

From 2014 to 2017, she worked as a student assistant for the German Institute for Economic Research. In 2019, she was a visiting researcher at Chalmers University in (Gothenburg, Sweden) for two months and at BC3, the Basque Centre for Climate Change (Bilbao, Spain) for three months in 2016.

As part of her work at TU Berlin and DIW Berlin, Hanna Brauers was involved in various projects for the German Federal Ministry for the Environment and the Federal Environment Agency on issues related to the design of the German coal phase-out. She taught at the TU Berlin on energy and resource policy. During her studies, Hanna Brauers was part of the Climate-KIC Master Label Programme of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology and studied an ERASMUS semester in Granada (Spain).


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  • Brauers, H. (2022/01/12): "Liquefied natural gas expansion plans in Germany: The risk of gas lock-in under energy transitions". Political Economy of Energy Transitions (POLET) workshop on fossil fuel decline. Videoconference. 
  • Brauers, H. (2021/12/08): "Lessons learned for just transition processes from phasing out coal in Germany". At the "Just Transition in Practice. Human-Oriented Solutions" online conferenceorganized by the National Centre for Climate Change, Poland.
  • Brauers, H. (2021/11/12): Speaker at COP26 fringe event: "Putting people, communities and place at the heart of a global transition to a net zero future".
  • Brauers, H. (2021/07/08): "Lessons for just transition processes from phasing out coal in Germany". Speaker at the "A fair transition for 2050: tapping into a century of ideas on the role of governance and collaboration" workshop by the European Policy Centre. Videoconference. 
  • Brauers, H. (2021/06/25): "Lessons for just transition processes from phasing out coal in Germany". Policy Session at the 26th European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE) Annual Conference. Berlin/ Videoconference. 
  • Brauers, H. (2020/08/28): "The potential of collaborative institutions for major policy change – Lessons from the German ‘Coal Commission’". Presentation at the 24th REFORM Group Meeting, Raitenhaslach/Videoconference.
  • Brauers, H. (2020/06/26): Panellist at the Semi-Plenary Policy Session at the 25th European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE) Annual Conference: "Policies to Support Workers and Communities in the Transition to Clean Energy Economies in the US and the EU". Berlin/ Videoconference, Online-Video.
  • Brauers, H. (2020/03/24): Lessons learned from phasing out coal in Germany. Presentation at the Roundtable 'Designing a Just Transition: Lessons from stories of change' of the UK Environmental Justice Commission, London/ Videoconference.
  • Brauers, H. (2019/10/16): Contradictory values of coal mining in Columbia. Re-discussing values in economics and interconnectedness of energy injustices, 23rd REFORM Group Meeting, Salzburg, Austria.
  • Brauers, H. (2019/06/26): The termination of the energetic use of coal in Germany: An overview of connections, challenges and solution options. BAköV-Seminar EU 414.01/19 State, Economy and Society in Germany, Berlin, Germany.
  • Brauers, H. (2019/03/04): La transición energética alemana y la consiguiente eliminación progresiva del carbón (Die deutsche Energiewende und Kohleausstieg). Foro de Transición del Modelo Minero – Energético ("Transition of the Mining-Energy model"), Universidad del Magdalena, Santa Marta, Colombia.
  • Brauers, H. Forschung à la carte (2019/02/26): Referentin über die volkswirtschaftlichen Auswirkungen des Kohleausstiegs bei der Veranstaltung "Kohleausstieg – Wie gelingt der notwendige Strukturwandel in den Braunkohlerevieren?", Mercator Stiftung, Berlin.
  • Brauers, H. (2018/09/27, 2018/01/12 & 2017/04/09): Black Diamond or Black Death: The United Kingdom’s, Germany’s and Poland’s Diverging Transition Pathways Towards a Future Without Coal Consumption, Vortrag bei der Konferenz European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) in Hamburg; auf der 15. International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE) Konferenz 2017 in Wien und dem "Strommarkttreffen" in Berlin.
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  • Brauers, H. (2017/10/26 & 2017/10/13): Stuck in the past or ready to transform? Status Quo of the Polish coal regime and scenarios towards a low-carbon electricity system, Vortrag auf dem Young Energy & Engineers Seminar in Łódź (Polen) und der Berlin Conference on Energy and Electricity Economics (BELEC) in Berlin.
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  • Brauers, H. (2015/11/3): Shaking Dutch Grounds Won’t Shatter the European Gas Market. Vortrag auf dem Young Energy Engineers and Economists Seminar, Madrid (Spain).

Supervised Theses

  • Analysis of the Dutch energy transition: Integrating techno-economic, socio-technical and political perspectives with a focus on coal, gas and renewables, Julius Voetlause, Masterthesis 2021
  • The renewable gas sector in Germany: Stakeholder Analysis of the hydrogen sector and the potential of renewable gases in the energy sector, Andreas Kubala, Masterthesis 2020
  • Climate protection in coal-powered Poland: Understanding the dominance of coal in the electricity and heat sector through a multi-level actor analysis between 1950 and 2018, Janna Hoppe, Bachelorthesis 2018