EAEPE Symposium 2017: What future for critical development economics?

In June 2017, the EAEPE Symposium 2017 "Towards a Critical Agenda for Development Economics" was held at DIW Berlin. It was organized by Svenja Flechtner, Jakob Hafele (University of Vienna) and Theresa Neef (Freie Universität Berlin & DIW). About 20 development economists from diverse backgrounds and countries gathered to discuss what a pluralist and critical agenda could look like. Keynotes were held by Sanjay Reddy (The New School), Smita Srinivas (IKD Centre @ Open University & LSE) and Erik Reinert (Tallinn University of Technology).

In this blog post on developingeconomics.org (regardless of our post, this blog is a very interesting resource for anybody interested in development economics!), the organizers summarize the lines of the debate and share their lessons learned.